Family owned and operated. We take pride in our work and strive to give our customers the very best service. If for any reason you get less than satisfactory service we will go above and beyond to fix whatever the problem may be. Our goal is to keep the customer happy. 


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Tonya Creekmore

Office Manager


Hello, I'm the one that will be more than happy to schedule new calls, reschedule calls, and everything else except repair your appliance:) Tonya:)

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James Creekmore

Senior Technician

Certified technician 12+ years. Up to date on the latest technology and I take pride in my work. Integrity is a must with me and my goal is to give you nothing but the best service. James

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Timothy Creekmore

Certified Technician

I'm Timothy, an easy going, mellow kind of guy. What started as a part-time job I loathed has now evolved into a likely career opportunity of mine that I actually enjoy. Tim